UNO Classic

THE Classic ONE

The UNO Classic, the epitome of class-leading design, offering an elegant and secure solution for presenting a wide range of portable devices. From smartphones and tablets to cameras, navigations systems, and audio equipment, UNO provides a sleek and sophisticated display platform that enhances the visual appeal of your products.

UNO's transparent display stands elevate your presented merchandise, creating an aura of lightness and sophistication. The combination of sleek design and transparency adds a touch of elegance to your product presentation, capturing the attention of customers and showcasing your devices in the most appealing way.

Experience the ultimate convenience with UNO, as it allows for quick and easy installation of your product presentation. The compact controller, integrated within UNO, houses all the necessary electronics and can be effortlessly placed at the top of the display in a matter of minutes. This controller also supports the different types of acrylic display stands, ensuring a seamless integration and versatility in showcasing your merchandise. Furthermore, changing and updating the displayed products is a breeze, requiring only a few simple actions that can be easily performed by store staff.