More shelf space, better protection, and reduced handling time

Those are the features of the BOXTAG, designed to secure boxed products. Traditionally, Spider Wraps have been used for this purpose for decades. However, the space occupied by spiders is substantial, which limits the number of packaged products on the shop floor. The BOXTAG, with a height of only 15 mm, is up to 80% lower compared to Spiders. Additionally, it can be easily applied to the side of a box in many cases, allowing for easy stacking of boxes.

Another advantage of the BOXTAG is that it is disengaged not with a common magnet, but with the uniquely encoded SENS SRFKEY. This wireless key not only provides convenience for store employees but also automatically turns off at the end of a shift, preventing misuse in case the SRFKEY is taken or lost.

Lastly, the BOXTAG is attached with a strap. This can be done using a strapping machine already used in many stores or optionally with a flexible band. Removing the BOXTAG at the cash register is done in a breeze, and its small dimensions make storage highly practical. When the BOXTAG is removed without permission, it generates an alarm sound. Additionally, when detected by an RF or AM EAS system, the BOXTAG triggers an alarm. As both technologies are standardly integrated into the BOXTAG, it doesn’t matter which EAS detection system is installed.