VARIO Loop Sensor


We are thrilled to introduce our groundbreaking innovation, the VARIO Loop Sensor, which, when paired with the powerful UNO EVO and the versatile VARIO Wing Sensor, offers an exceptional level of efficiency and reliability in protecting power tools while ensuring uninterrupted customer interaction. This dynamic trio is set to revolutionize the way power tools are safeguarded, providing peace of mind and an enhanced overall experience.

The VARIO Loop Sensor is ingeniously designed with an adjustable loop, making it effortless to secure tools of varying types and sizes. Whether it's a drill with a battery or any other tool, the combination of the VARIO Loop and Wing Sensors works harmoniously to keep them safe and secure, including any accompanying batteries or accessories. This comprehensive protection not only prevents theft or loss but also streamlines the customer's interaction, allowing them to focus on their tasks with confidence.